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Waterproof Vinyl Membrane, Aluminum Railing and Glass for all Your Deck Needs

While living on the Sunshine Coast means enjoying endless surrounding beauty, it also means lots of rain and natural elemental wear and tear when it comes to upkeep and maintenance of your home. Located here in Gibsons, Suncoast Sundecks, Inc. can help by installing a vinyl membrane or low-maintenance, long-lasting glass or aluminum railing for your deck, anywhere on the Coast.

Our services are perfect for:

  • Contractors who are completing new construction and want to hire a skilled sundeck expert to complete the vinyl membrane, glass, or metal railing installation.

  • Existing homeowners who are converting to low maintenance, long lasting deck and railing options.

  • Existing homeowners who require repairs, removal and replacements, or are completing deck additions.

  • Any client who has previously purchased products from us, but need repairs due to the age of the membrane, wear and tear, or damages.

Specialty Services on the Sunshine Coast

We specialize in:

Membrane installations

Aluminium railings

Tempered glass

Book an Appointment

Contact our team today to book an appointment or to get a free estimate for the cost of your new installation,
remove and replacement service, or repairs.

All Hands on Deck!

Our team can install a beautiful waterproof vinyl sundeck or railing for your home or business.

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