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Tempered Glass

Custom Glass Products on the Sunshine Coast

Suncoast Sundecks Inc, being a recognized glazing contractor, provides our customers with custom glass on the Sunshine Coast. Our team of experts has a close association with BC-based glass fabricators like Garibaldi Glass Industries and use their stunning, high-quality glass products for all our outdoor railings. If you require fabricated or specialty glass items, our extensive glass expertise allows us to find the right product for your needs at the right price.

Our custom glass options provide the right finish for your Sunshine Coast project… fabricated, transported, and installed to the highest standard, thereby ensuring a never damaged glass completion guarantee. We can provide the following for anything from railing to rink to furniture:

  • Clear glass in all thicknesses

  • Tinted glass

  • Tempered and or laminated safety glass

  • Full or partial etched or ‘frosted’ glass for all applications

  • Figured or patterned specialty glass

  • Polished, fabricated, shaped, holes or cut-outs in glass

  • And more

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